The Foundation

14 06 2011

The Board of the TRAGEDIES TO REMEMBER Foundation held its first meeting on the 8th of June. Willy Verbakel is appointed as chairman of the board, Jan Janssen as secretary, Judith Gardeslen as treasurer and Hanneke Dikowski and Jan de Keizer as members. Decisions were made on the financial regime, and discussions held on organizational and practical issues. Next meeting will be on 22nd of June.

16 05 2011

on April 15th 2011 the official start of the TRAGEDIES TO REMEMBER Foundation was a fact. The objective is the realization and exploitation of the multimedia travelling exhibition of the project.

The foundation board will have its first meeting shortly. The board will govern “at a distance”, guiding the overall development and heading the progress of realization. The individual qualifications and experience of the 5 members of the board guarantee a solid progress.

President of the board will be Mr. Willy Verbakel, at this moment associated to the executive management of the city of Utrecht and a former alderman of the city of Dordrecht. Mrs. Hanneke Dikowski will be the secretary and treasurer. The other members of the board are Mrs. Judith Gardeslan, Mr. Jan Janssen and Mr. Jan de Keizer. Mr. Edjo Frank will attend the meetings of the board as the advisor and project coordinator.

email for the Board of the Foundation:

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