On the road

In September 2010, my sister Joyce Frank handed over the manuscript – TRAGEDIES TO REMEMEBER, A Tribute – to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum of Jerusalem, in anticipation of the final publishing of the poetry book and travelling exposition.

In the same week, another copy of the manuscript was accepted by the Ghetto Fighters’ House MuseumBeit Lohamei Haghetaot in Galilea – Israel.

On 16th November 2010 preliminary talks were held with the director of the Kamp Westerbork Rememberance Museum in Holland for an exposition of the project in the museum.

In January 2011 discussion was held with the ANNE FRANK Foundation in Amsterdam to explore the use of the project in educational institutions. Mr. Menno Metselaar of the education department provided me with a load of useful suggestions and contacts.

The Dordrecht artist Diana van Hal has finished a series of lino’s that will serve as illustrations in the poetry books and will be part of a traveling exposition.

Jeanne van der Horst, a Dordrecht situated documentary and art filmmaker and designer is engaged to design and style the exhibition,  in a multi media format. There will be two films, and filmed interviews with a row of multi-ethnic younger and older people give their view or quotes related to their own life and experience.

At this moment the exhibition will be hosted in Dordrecht, Museum Kamp Westerbork, War and Resistance Museum Rotterdam and the Anne Frank Center in New York.

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