Jonas Frank and Esther Frank-Polak

My grandfather and grandmother Jonas Frank and Esther Frank-Polak, with their first grandchild Joni, my cousin, the son of my father’s brother Alex. One of the last photos taken of my grandparents. Both murdered in Auschwitz Thursday 3rd September 1942

Family day trip, 2nd and 3rd from left my grandparents Ester Frank-Polak and Jonas Frank. The two young men standing from the right are my father Jacobus (Cobie) and his older brother Alex. Both survived the Holocaust.

“These deaths have no written testament, and barely a name. We cannot pay them the last tribute. We cannot comfort their widows and orphans. They are victims as no victims have been there since the destruction of Carthage and the Moloch. We can only dream their dreams to an end. ”

cit. from Hannah Ahrendt’s column in AUFBAU 19th June 1942

(Hannah Arendt – Jewish writings, Kohn, Feldman, New York, Amsterdam, Antwerpen)

1 Response to Jonas Frank and Esther Frank-Polak

  1. Martijn Frank says:

    Very special seeing my father with his grandfather and mother.

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