The last days of August 2010 I finished this project that was strongly appealing to me for quite a long time.

The project consists of a series of Haiku poems, written in English, on the tragedy that encountered my relatives and the Jewish people as a whole during the Shoah.

I wanted to account for the dark history, during World War II that overcame my family and caused that I have never known my grand-parents and many other relatives.

I wanted to pay a tribute to the life and merits of all of them, the greater part of whom were massacred and the few that survived.

As a small boy I felt and knew instinctively that there was a strong reason why my questions remained unanswered.  My mom and dad went undercover and participated in the resistance group around the illegal Dutch journal “Het Parool”. The two survived, taking with them a burden for life.

They told me a lot of formal information and stories, mostly cleaned of the emotional load.

The important missing part – emotion – came much later, little by little, when my father had to be mentally treated by professor Bastiaans and afterwards started to write down his memoirs in his books in a novelized way. And through the interviews and video testimonies recorded by Steven Spielberg at my parents’ home for the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation.

Until now my sister Joyce and I are puzzling to find missing links of relatives and their offspring.

Dordrecht, the Netherlands
31th August 2010.

Edjo Frank.

5 Responses to About

  1. Jan Janssen says:

    Lieve Han en Edjo,
    Ondanks alles bleef de lijfspreuk van Hannah Arendt: Amor Mundi.
    Het is mijn voorrecht dat jullie mij gevraagd hebben deelgenoot te worden.

  2. cyberbonn says:


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