Open Jewish Houses

Open Jewish Houses – 4th May 2014


how they lived – how they vanished

stories told by relatives and offspring

TV Rijnmond interview with Deborah Lipschits, Edjo Frank, Frank van Gelderen

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Multi media exhibition on the holocaust


poems – Edjo Frank
linocuts – Diana van Hal
video installation, documentary film and design – Jeanne van der Horst

Exhibition in Kunstuitleen Vianen, Spekdam 2.
Opening Friday 3th May 2013, 16.30, by two representatives of the local government of Vianen city.
Opening daily Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11 – 17 h, Saturdsay 11 – 16 h, until 25th May 2013.

The exhibition was at the House for Democracy and the Rule of Law – The Hague
Hofweg 1 (opposite the House of Parliament) from April until end of May 2012.

TRAGEDIES TO REMEMBER multimedia poetry exhibition in Museum Kamp Westerbork  5th February – 25th March – now ended.

A great public, and many students and school kids visited the exhibition in Museum Kamp Westerbork and wrote down their impressions in the guestbook.

impressions of the stunning design !

video installation of the multimedia poetry project

Jonas & Esther Polak with 1st grandson

This weblog is dedicated to the haiku poems project


The project consists of a series of haiku poems on the Holocaust, the extinguishing of the European Jews by the Nazi regime during the second World War.

The poems are published in 2 full color illustrated poetry books and first copies were handed over to the Mayor of the city of Dordrecht, Mr. Arno Brok and the Rabbi Mr. Awraham Soetendorp on Sunday 2nd October 2011.

The lino illustrations for the poetry book on original scale, together with the poems, photos, a video installation, a  filmed documentary and interview portraits serve as a traveling exhibition in the Netherlands and in other countries. The multimedia exhibition has been released for the first time at the opening meeting of the poetry project, 2nd October 2011 in Dordrecht.

A short trailer of the documentary film, mixed with some impression of the video installation and exhibition design – the documentary film will be subtitled in English:

This weblog provides information on the stages of realization of this project, news and comments, the paintings of the artist Diana van Hal that serve as illustrations, the video installation by the documentary filmmaker Jeanne van der Horst, etc.

You are welcome to look around and your comment and/or suggestions will be appreciated. For questions or contact, please use the “leave a comment” button

Edjo Frank.

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